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Got my New Camera

I got my new camera last week . Have been waiting to get this for a while now. So hopefully my photos in the blog will be higher quality. I got the Cannon Eos Rebel T3I

Ok enough about that lets get to the Aquaponics . Things are looking good for the most part. The fish are very active, and seem happy ,they are going pretty fast. The water is testing in the good for all tests. It is a little cloudy, added some barley extract hope the will help. We have had quite a bit of rain and I wonder if that has anything to do with the cloudiness. My flood tank is also giving me some concern. It tends to bulge at times . this causes the toilet vale not to open sometimes. I think I need to put some more straps going over the top on it.  Ok here are some pictures:

Romaine Lettuce and a small tomato (sucker from dirt garden tomato)

Here are peppers and a Leaf lettuce mix

The radishes under the pepper are going strong.

The tad poles are still going strong


Just a Quick Post

This is just a quick add on to the earlier post today. I had not checked the water in a while. After talking to Mat Wirt  a Charter Captain down in the Lower Cape Fear area, who also is into Aquaponics, I decided to go ahead and test my water. Mat t raised a concern that my bio filter might not be letting enough of the nutrients through that the plants need. So today I took samples directly from one of the spray bars on the grow beds . Here are the results

High PH Reading 7.4

Ammonia  .50 ppm

Nitrite   2ppm

Nitrate  between 80-160 ppm

So I am happy with those readings looks like it is cycling pretty good now.

Anybody Need 200 Tadpoles?

We have a few extra creatures in the pond yesterday. This is the second time that I have added water from our local lake.  When I first put the water in this time I noticed two tadpoles. then the next morning we had hundreds of tadpoles. I am thinking that we scooped up some eggs and they all hatched out the night before. So as you can see we have tadpoles now.

Thinking about getting a couple of small Blue Gills to take care of them. Don’t really feel like waking up to a plague of frogs in my back yard. You can also see how far the water is drawn down when the grow beds fill. Had to make some adjustments to the water flow.  Also added more water but this time I used a dechlorinator and used tap water.  The water was very cloudy when I first started running it through the gravel in the grow beds. I pulled and cleaned the filter box and cleaned the pump filter. That  immediately increased the flow rate out of the spray bar and the flood tank flow.  By the next morning the water was back to clear .

Today I decided to change the spray bar for the grow beds. Instead of the bar running down the middle I replaced it with a T bar at the top of the bed. Hopefully this will even out  the water flow through the beds.  Seems to be do pretty good at that now. 

Here are a couple of shots of the radishes , lettuces and spinach coming up.

So we have sprouts in the system now. Things are looking good. I have noticed a very small leak on the flood tank but I am going to watch it for a bit. To repair it will take 24 hrs, for the epoxy to cure. Do not want to do that right now. So for now will just add water as needed.

I Have A Aquaponics System!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I finally have a working Aquaponics System not just a Gold Fish Pond . I got the gravel in and planted vegetables today.  Spent the morning helping with the Fayetteville Beautiful ‘s Electronics recycle , and Rain barrels, Compost Bin sale. We stayed till 1030 after getting there at 0730 to unload the Semi of the Rain Barrels and the Earth Machine Compost Bins.  I was pretty impressed with the bins I bought two of them for the back yard. That is my neighbors dog Jonah Photo-Bombing me…. LOL

We stopped by Lowe’s on the way to the little local lake. We picked up some peppers and radish , spinach , and lettuce seeds. Then on to the lake to get some water to help fill the void when I turned on the water to the flood tank. It really sucked a lot of water out of the pond. I let It cycle through several times and then at its fullest point in the cycle I added lake water to fill it up.

I did run tap water through the system (draining out into the yard not the pond)to clean the gravel . I ran it until the water ran clear. But it did still turn the water cloudy when we started the system and ran it back into the pond. I will let it run for a few days and see if it clears up, if not will try vacuuming the silt out.  one problem is when the bell siphons discharge the water back into the pond it churns up the silt so may have to take action to remedy that also.

These are the peppers I planted making it officially a Aquaponics System….Woo Woo. I have the radishes and the leaf lettuce blend in with the peppers. The Spinach and the Romaine Lettuce are in the end bin by they selves. As you will see my peppers in the garden to a hit and don’t look so good, so I decided to Start my Aquaponics( yes I just like typing that word LOL)  adventure with them.  The lettuce and radishes that are in with the peppers , I am hoping they will be up and wanting some relief from the sun when the peppers start really filling out. As for the spinach and the Romaine I have heard these do well in the systems. So for now we will see what happens. I have heard of some systems having a iron deficiency and to try to avoid this I have placed a nail under each of the spray bars. In household plants, I have used water with nails rusting in it as a spray when the plants were low on iron. Will see if this works.

See what I mean about the peppers.

Here are some of the garden as a up date.


They are making a lot of progress with the algae auquaponics .


A Bean Wall and More!

Got the idea today to start a Bean Wall. Nothing  new i saw the planting in soil bags on the internet somewhere, and decided that I would try some beans that way. 

I planted the beans a Dragon Tongue variety, at the back of the bags.  Six per bag, two per hole in the bag. Then I planted Marigolds in the front of each bag. I figure they will mound and cover the bags.

Next I tied a net on the PVC Frame , to form a trellis for the beans to climb. These are my trellises from last years cukes and cantaloupes.

Had some Marigolds left over so just put them in a couple of pots not quite sure where they will go yet.

Just a shot to show how well the water lilies are doing.

Glass Gem Corn, and other heirloom jewels of the corn cabinet…


Glass Gem Corn

Glass Gem Corn, and other heirloom jewels of the corn cabinet….

This is pretty amazing, I wish I had the room to grow corn. I would love to grow several of the heirloom varieties. This blog  has some great pictures. I will have to investigate the seed trust and see where they can be attained.