Ooops Not the Mans Fault after all

OOOps I checked on the status of the income tax return and it told me that the form was complete but not filed. Man that sucks , no one to blame but me. So I have definitely filed it now. You know before I started using a computer to do every thing, I didn’t seem to have as many problems like this.  If I had done the taxes on paper and actually mailed it I would be sure it was filed. Oh well still waiting on the refund, but hopefully not to long know.

 I have some more photo so of the garden . Some of it is doing well and some not so much. These are from Tuesday. We had a good rain last night so the garden looks a little better today.  
Here a shot of the fish , added another dozen of the small Comets and 10 larger ones. They are much more active now, more competition  for the food, I would guess.
And here is the vertical garden , seems to really like the sunny spot in the yard.
The corn and beans are coming along. I think I planted cucumbers in with the corn so it can climb the stalks, but it could be cantaloupe….should have marked them….oh well either or good with me.

The tomatoes are looking good . Seem to have bounced back from the pepper spray. The patio tomato has half a dozen tomatoes on it, and the cherry tomato is putting fruit on also. Old Strawberry hanging planter. Have to figure out something to put in it.
 The herbs are just doing great, they love the earth box self watering system.
The rest of these are just random of the garden .you can see the Peppers and the Eggplant are still struggling but coming back. Hopefully they will recover and have a good season.
These are of the trimming I did, the first is the pile of limbs I pruned off. and then you see the results . Not such a Jungle.
Still some work to go , but it is coming around.

One response to “Ooops Not the Mans Fault after all

  1. Awesome pictures!

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