Anybody Need 200 Tadpoles?

We have a few extra creatures in the pond yesterday. This is the second time that I have added water from our local lake.  When I first put the water in this time I noticed two tadpoles. then the next morning we had hundreds of tadpoles. I am thinking that we scooped up some eggs and they all hatched out the night before. So as you can see we have tadpoles now.

Thinking about getting a couple of small Blue Gills to take care of them. Don’t really feel like waking up to a plague of frogs in my back yard. You can also see how far the water is drawn down when the grow beds fill. Had to make some adjustments to the water flow.  Also added more water but this time I used a dechlorinator and used tap water.  The water was very cloudy when I first started running it through the gravel in the grow beds. I pulled and cleaned the filter box and cleaned the pump filter. That  immediately increased the flow rate out of the spray bar and the flood tank flow.  By the next morning the water was back to clear .

Today I decided to change the spray bar for the grow beds. Instead of the bar running down the middle I replaced it with a T bar at the top of the bed. Hopefully this will even out  the water flow through the beds.  Seems to be do pretty good at that now. 

Here are a couple of shots of the radishes , lettuces and spinach coming up.

So we have sprouts in the system now. Things are looking good. I have noticed a very small leak on the flood tank but I am going to watch it for a bit. To repair it will take 24 hrs, for the epoxy to cure. Do not want to do that right now. So for now will just add water as needed.


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