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Got More Barrels :oD

Went yesterday to Pink Hill NC to get the rest of the barrels I needed to complete the system. I pick up 2 of the blue barrels 55 gal,with the bung holes that will be cut in half to make the Grow beds.  

I also picked up 4 black pickle barrels, 60 gal ea.  Two of these will be in the system and 2 for rain barrels.

I got the pickle barrels all cleaned out and ready to go . The blue ones I did a little bit on them I will get them thoroughly after I have cut them in half.

These are the 2 that will be the rain barrels.

Here are the two pickle barrels in place .

My original system had a catastrophic failure Sunday. THe left bank of grow beds had been slipping slowly toward the pond.  So I needed to do something anyway , well one of the totes broke at the bottom and I was lucky I didn’t loose all the water. So I took the left bank out and the flood tank out. I piped the water directly to the right bank of grow beds. So they are now running continuously.

The rest of these are some plants I have brought into the green house because the nights are getting cooler.

The milk jugs are filled with water , part of the thermal mass.

OK thats it for today ,will start the plumbing tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to get it up and running soon. Might be running on a extenion cord for a little bit , I will eventually get it wired …I know Eric I will call before I start tat  LOL..

Did you notice the volunteer tomato I have coming up out of the cinder block hole. I will keep it and see what it does. The rest are weeds and I will get rid of them.


Hugelkultur??? Give it a Shot???

I read about Hugelkultur on line several places and I just happened to have a lot of wood and brush laying around. So going to give it a shot.  If you don’t know what Hugelkultur is you are not alone,I didn’t eithier. Of course I couldbe wrong and you and I are the only ones who do not know… any here is what Wikipedia has to say about:


The practice of making raised garden beds filled with rotting wood.[16][17] It is in effect creating a Nurse log, however, covered with dirt.

Benefits of hugelkultur garden beds include water retention and warming of soil.[16][18] Buried wood becomes like a sponge as it decomposes, able to capture water and store it for later use by crops planted on top of the hugelkultur bed.[16][19]

The buried decomposing wood will also give off heat, as all compost does, for several years. These effects have been used by Sepp Holzer for one to allow fruit trees to survive at otherwise inhospitable temperatures and altitudes.[17]

That said what I get from it is Lasagne bed. Just layering material over logs and rotting wood. OK so that is what I have started. I removed all the top soil from the bed and just for lack of a better place to put it I moved it inside the green house frame. This is all soil that I have been amending for several years with compost in my raised beds. I will use this on the hugelkultur bed along with the top soil from the green house site.

This is the bed with the wood and brush I had around the yard. I also used the old rotting lumber that was the other two beds.

I am not going to make a traditional hugelkultur, in that it wont be six ft tall and about 4-5 ft wide. This will be 4 ft wide and how every tall it gets. I might have to bring in some extra top soil, we’ll see.


this was just some shots around the yard. My better half Sharon told me that i needed something in the picture of the tree frog for scale to show how small they really are.

Going to get the IBC and two blue 55 gal drums that will be the grow beds. Once I get them and the IBC dug in I can put the green house up. I will get hem tomorrow, have to drive over Beullaville to pick them up , that will take most of the day tomorrow.  But I will be sure to get pictures.

A Bean Wall and More!

Got the idea today to start a Bean Wall. Nothing  new i saw the planting in soil bags on the internet somewhere, and decided that I would try some beans that way. 

I planted the beans a Dragon Tongue variety, at the back of the bags.  Six per bag, two per hole in the bag. Then I planted Marigolds in the front of each bag. I figure they will mound and cover the bags.

Next I tied a net on the PVC Frame , to form a trellis for the beans to climb. These are my trellises from last years cukes and cantaloupes.

Had some Marigolds left over so just put them in a couple of pots not quite sure where they will go yet.

Just a shot to show how well the water lilies are doing.

Waiting on the Man!!!!!!!!!!

Making do until we get some gravel. It is kind of depressing , we are waiting for the income tax return to get here to get the gravel and a few other things . It really sucks that it takes them so long to get your money to you.  If it was the other way around they would sure be hounding me , sending nasty letter, nasty calls, and putting me on all kinds of lists. Any way it all comes down to money, that is the hold up on the Aquaponics system. The fish are doing great the water is testing well with in normal range on all the test. 
Until then I am still a dirt farmer…lol. I have been working on a few projects , most of which I got the ideas from Pentrest. If you are not aware of this site it really is a great place for new ideas. As the above shot shows my Herbs are doing really well. My tomatoes suffered a attack of the du’mass( its French ) I was trying to take care of pest in a natural way. I read about a spray made from liquid soap and hot peppers, well I made up a spray according to the directions that i had found. Except that I didn’t have any hot peppers to blend in to the mixture. So I used some very hot sauce that I had. Any body know what happened next?  Every plant that I sprayed it on started getting brown spots and curling up. I am thinking that the hot sauce might have been to hot., Then while looking for a natural weed killer I came across a article praising the accolades of white vinegar as a “Weed Murderer” . After a few moments it hit me , the ingredients in Hot Sauce are hot peppers salt and Vinegar. Duh , so any way the tomatoes have made a come back and my patio tomato even has small green tomatoes on it. The egg plant did not do so well, it looks pitiful . I have bought some more plants and I will replant them once the sun gets behind the trees this evening. Can you believe they are calling for 90 degree weather for the next five days, in May , In NC man what is August going to be like.
These are a few shot of the garden now.
You can see the Pepper plants didn’t like the vineger spray either. aI still have to find out what is eatting my plants.
This is the only squash plant that made it the others were eaten, I have more planted and they are starting to come up now.

Ok these are something I saw on Pentrest and decided to try . Had the old ladder I didn’t trust any more . Now  tool this picture to show the bean sprout but also noticed the mushrooms here. The soil in the buckets is composted cow manure and top soil…..so what kind of mushrooms are they….they are out in the morning and gone by the time the sun hits this bucket….interesting….yes  I am a child of the 60’s …let you take it from there.
I have also started another Pentrest inspired project. They have tons of thing that can be done with pallets. This will be a standing planter in a couple of weeks, once the roots get a good grip on the soil. 
The whole thing is planted with annuals, here you can see the top where I have planted the colorful bedding plants like vinca, dusty miller, coleus , marigolds…ect.. the front is planted in ornamental sweet potatoes poticala , and petunias. These should fill out and cover the pallet.
My helper…
Another idea gleaned from Pentrest , was these wine bottle tiki torches.
Here you can see that it is EMT conduit, and pluming hangers. 

Still have to straighten the pipes I put in the ground to slide the conduit into. I have cut them to size and painted the conduit black. Not to bad I think.
You can also see the system which is just waiting. 
Shot of the fish… there were a lot more visible when I started to push the shutter button ..lol
 This shot shows the beans I have in a tub on one side of the ladder. Hoping they will climb the ladder. But , to my wife’s  skepticism  I planted about 5 or 6  kernels of corn out of the pop corn in the pantry. Well as you can see there are a couple of them coming up. The beans can also climb on the corn, 2/3 of the 3 sisters.
This last one is a cauldron that I planted cucumbers, since the cukes in the beds all got eaten and the seeds I planted there to replace them haven’t done anything. This is on the opposite side of the ladder from the beans so they can climb up the ladder on this side.
This ladder should look pretty interesting in a few weeks. With beans and cukes climbing up it and cantaloupe coming don from the top. It also has herbs like flat leaf parsley , cilantro, oregano, basils…and such….. we will see how it all turns out. It is sitting in the spot in the yard that gets the most sun all day. I like the idea of vertical garden. in the space I could have grown one maybe two tomatoes I am able to grow a whole garden of veggies and herb.
Well  that about it for this up date ….really hope that check comes soon , want to get those plants in the system up and running. Think i’ll go check now.