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Onions Have Shown Up

The onions bulbs that i set out last week are starting to poke through the weed guard . I had to go around and check each slit in the fabric to check for a sprouting onion and direct it toward the light.

As you can see not much to look at but I am excited to see them come up. This is the first year that I have tried to grow onions under a weed guard. Usually I put them in rows in the tilled soil . I am real good about weeding for the first week or so and then it gets away from me and they are over taken. So hopefully this will let them grow to maturity unmolested .

More peeking through, I am sure this will look more impressive in a couple of days.  LOL …but I am excited now…

I also got the pond in yesterday. Will be getting some pavers or flagstone to go around it soon.

I haven’t looked at it this morning but it rained all night long and very heavy at times. So it very well may have filled up. Have to see when the sun come up.

Ok one last thing for now, it wouldn’t be right if ai didn’t so the progress of the onion and celery pots…..

Still go great ! Of to a tackle swap meet see what I can sell.


I am SO Out of Shape!!!!!!!!!!

It is really sad how out of shape that I have become. I really didn’t think that I was to bad off. I mean I am out side a lot. I fly fish and fly Fish from a Kayak. Sharon my wife , and I walk at the park and the Botanical Gardens. But when I started to dig this hole for the pond I really found out how out of shape I actual am. I mean it is not like it is that big a pond. Only 125 gallons, I have to dig it in about 2 1/2 feet deep , and once you get through the first 6 inches of top soil it is all sand here in North Carolina. So what s the big deal, I used to be able to dig a fighting position armpit deep in under and hour. Well I didn’t used to get the back ache that I do now, but still. Any way enough whining, I dug some more in the hole today , until my back made me stop. It just needs  some cleaning up the edges so should finish it tomorrow. No pictures because that would just be depressing for as long as it is taking.

On a lighter note I have some onions starting to poke through the weed guard. Not sign of the cukes or the squash yet , but they should be here any day now.

Ok I do have a picture or two almost forgot to get one of the celery and green onions I am sprouting. I think I could sit there and watch , and actually see them growing. so here they are.

Ok ,thankfully the Percocets and Beer are work so I will be able to sleep and hit it again in the morning.

Wearing the Hat of Wheel Barrow Mechanic

After a trip to  Lowes this morning I got to work on the Wheel Barrow.  OK I have never bought Wheel Barrow handles be fore but I would have thought they would be sold as a set. But no … you buy each one separately…ok after thinking about it it does make sense.  Any way I got the two handles because the old ones that came with the barrow several years ago , were basically crap. I bought the wooden handles just for aesthetics , think they are ash or may be maple. What ever they look good, and were a lot sturdier than the originals.  I also picked some carrot and beets beet seeds, and some vincas and other ground cover to do my wife’s other Tipsy Planter.

When I got home I went to work, got he old handles off the Barrow and laid out the holes on the new handles. Really wish my Drill Press was accessible (long story) I believe I burned up a drill bit. But when I went to put it together everything fit back together, almost. The new handles were thicker than the the old ones. So all but the 4 bolts that mount the wheel fit fine. Those I had to rummage trough the box” of a little bit of everything “to fined acceptable replacement. I found three Lol but I did get one of the old ones to work. So there it was the barrow was up and running again. It lasted through two  fills….and the wheel broke around the axle. Man can you say shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning. Well that just left one thing to do ….and off we went to Harbor Freight, my wonderful  Bride drove me since I had to hit a couple of percocetes early today.

At Habor Freight we found the wheel , a new pair of work gloves, and the green House we are going to get. It is 10 X 12 feet, Think it will do nicely for the Aquaponics garden. They gave me a 25% off coupon to use on Easter Sunday. So I will pick it up then. And of course right where it will be set up is my soil garden that I just got planted. Will wait till fall to set it up .

Any way getting back to the wheel barrow  , sorry I tend to ramble when the drugs kick in.  Back at the house I got the wheel on the barrow, had to shorten the two spacers on the axles  to get it to fit but after that it was done and a fine looking barrow again.

And before I close for today just thought I show my Onion and celery plants, kind of a running record of their progress . 

This still amazes me, yes I am easily amazed. But this is pretty cool, you have to admit.

Ok that it for today hope it wasn’t to boring , with all my rambling.

Aloha and Mahalo

Broke My Wheel Barrow

I actually got started on my Aquaponics system today. I picked up a preformed pond at Home Depot yesterday. It was on sale and I thought that I would incorporate it into my system.  Well today I decided make it my fish tank for now. It is 125 gal pond, it will do to start with. Since it is my first attempt I will start smaller. Still going to use the 55 gallon drums cut in half for the grow beds and one for a flood tank.

After marking the rough out line of the pond I started to dig the hole for it. This was going well , or as well as my old Paratrooper back will allow.  But I just took it easy and took my time so it was nothing that a couple of Percocets and some wine later would not take care of . My plan was to remove the soil into my wheel barrow and then transfer it to a tarp until I decide what to do with it.  Well this was going well for a couple of loads , but then it happened. Yep the handle gave way , was not expecting that . It just about threw me on the ground.  So I guess it is off to the hardware store tomorrow to buy new handles for my barrow.

So much for making a neat pile to be dealt with later.

Earlier I went to try to find the barrel guy again. Found out I was going to the wrong house yesterday. But it didn’t matter. The place was posted , fenced ,locked gated , monitored by video camera, and dogged according to all the signs.  One sign even said “This is a residence not a place of business”…so I got the idea they didn’t want to be bothered. I talked with the guy that told me about it, and he says Well it’s be over a year since I have gotten any barrels from him maybe he doesn’t sell them anymore. He did say next time he is over there he would check for me.  So for now I will have to drive a bit and spend a little more on the barrels.

I saw a cool idea on Pentrest they called a tipsy plant tower. My lovely bride thought she would like that so I made one today.

That is a wrap for today, Thankfully the drugs and the wine are working, feeling no pain…lol

Soil Garden Hopefully This Will Be The Last Year

Thats the Farm as we call it…lol ….I have even been know to wear a Straw Hat when I work there.  Since the Aquaponics Project is on hold for the moment, due to no Barrels(the barrel Man was not home when I went by). I am posting about the “Soil” Garden . Just have to much Horticulture training to call it a “Dirt” Garden. =)

The Tomatoes

The Tomatoes are in self-watering boxes and in regular containers. Did real good last  year in this arrangement.

The Herb Box

The Garlic

The garlic I put in Last year in October, they seem to be doing very well.


I planted bulbs here. I will watch them for the sprouting and have to guide the greens through the holes in the weed guard.

Sweet Peppers

Sweet Green Bell Peppers and Sweet Banana Peppers.

The Hot Peppers

These are my Hot Peppers Jalapeno and Cayenne.


The cumbers are planted on each side of the bed and will run up a PVC  A-Frame trellis in the middle.

Rose Marry

Re-potted my Rose Merry it had grown to big for the Pot. There is also some Basil on the stump.

Rose marry and Basil

My DYI Cloche - Bell Jar

I also tried something that I saw on Pintrest, I put these Celery bottoms and green onion end in thees pots two maybe  three days ago. They have already started sprouting.

Here is a link to my other Blog where you can see my last years garden.

A Parrot Looks at 51

There is a lot of Rod Building fishing and Fly Tying there also.

Planning, Planning, Planning……

I have be en looking on the internet and in the Library and every where I can think of to help with a system plan. I have narrowed it down to a couple of designs. Nothing original here just coping what I have found.

This is my first plan …IBC setup normally with the addition of two more grow beds.

This is another design using  IBC for the fish tank , two 55 gal barrels cut in half for grow beds, and a 55 gal barrel for a sump.

System  saw on the Barrel- Ponics yahoo group.

I am leaning toward the last design but probaly start with only 4 grow barrels.  Hope to pick up the barrels today . Would like to get 6 barrels 4 for the Aquaponics system and 2 for rain barrels.  I have been tod theres a guy who sells these barrels for $4.00 ea, and gives discounts for buy more at one time. So hopefully the “I know a guy” will pan out.

Thats it for now, will post more latter. I will post up some of my soil garden that I have put in.

Getting Started and Met a new Friend

Got started yesterday, well sorta, after much research I do believe I am going to go with a IBC for the Fish Tank and the Grow Bed. Found a place to get them for $50 a piece. Just have to drive a ways ( in the Dually =( can you say gas hog) to pick it.  Still looking for a closer source. I have found 55 gallon White Barrels for $4 each. They had car was soap in them. Going to get some for rain barrels wondering if they would be ok in the Aquaponics system if I washed them out good? have to research that more. 

I also have laid out the area that I will put the IBC. Have it spray painted with the out line of a hoop house come winter time.

Going to have to do a little leveling here.  Just a basic out line to get an idea of how much space it will be taking up. This shows where the hoop house will be. In the back center will be the IBC Unit.

Here we have the foot print of the IBC Unit with the Grow Bed over hanging the back a couple  feet or so. I guess now I just need to get busy leveling this spot. I am thinking of using horse stall mats as the floor in the hoop house and under the IBC, they are a lot less than the pavers I was thinking of. Still thinking about gravel, since I need it for the grow bed. I am sure  can get a few cubic yards cheaper than buying bags at Lowes. and I may still put pavers under the IBC Unit on top of the horse stall mat
Rubber Horse Stall Matt 
I can get these at The Tractor Supply Company for a bout $35, think that might the option , with paversjust under the edge of the IBC . We’ll have to see this is a work in progress and every day I am finding more information. 

I was able to go and get a personal look at a system in operation today. Steve Stark a Aquaponics farmer in Cary NC, about a hour from me, invited me to come see his operation. I had been following his You Tube Videos that   chronicle his work. That was great . I really needed to see one in person to get a real feel for what I was thinking about. Steve was helpful and told me all about his set up while he showed it to me. That really helped me a lot.  Steve has some good You Tube videos on Aquaponics here is a link to them
This is a play list of all of them to date.
Well  that’s where I am  right now, looking for pumps and pricing the PVC piping.
 Until next time
Take Care