A little about myself and what I am doing here. I am originally from Texas, Fort Worth to be exact. But I much prefer the Hill Country down around San Marcos.    I grew up in New York out on Long Island and in Virginia over in Hampton.  I joined the Army and went back to Texas for my first assignment. I spent 21 years in the Army most of that in the 82 nd Air Borne Division. In that time I got to visit a good portion of the world, liked most of it ,other parts you could not pay me to go back. Saw my share of beautiful and good, also plenty of ugliness and evil. I made well over 100 jumps, most of them good,,, a few not so good. Thus my current physical condition. I am an Old Broken Paratrooper, and I am so glad to have my wonderful wife as my best friend and nurse. She takes care of me and keeps me from falling apart most of the time. We have three grown and on their own daughters.

After I retired I worked in a custom cabinet shop for a few years. I enjoyed that and learned a lot. I started assembling the cabinets and installing them. I was on the table saw when I finished there , cut out the face frames. In a shop where there are only four workers everyone goes out to install. Well that is what made me  leave there , the installations were just killing me. I was fine all day ,but paid for it all night. So my wife convinced me that I did not need to work. Good enough for me, so now I take care of the meals, the garden and the Aquaponics. Oh yeah and fish,,,=). I also do volunteer work at a local state run fishing education center. I am a volunteer instructor for , fly casting, and I help out with the rod building , fly tying and other workshops they put on. I do volunteer work with the Wounded Warrior program here in Fayetteville.Wounded Warrior fly-fishing poster

I started Aquaponics on a whim. I was surfing around the internet, Pentrest to be exact, and I saw some pins about it. I got to reading and researching it , and decide I wanted to throw my hat in to it,and a good bit of money truth be told. I was just fascinated with it from the first article that I read. Now I am no expert on this system , as will be apparent as the blog goes on. But I want to show what I did and how I over come the problems that arise. I hope that it may help others some day.

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  1. EatingAndSippingTrini

    Very interesting blog…the readings have helped me on my journey http://introvertlybubbly.wordpress.com/

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