Too cold to be outside ….So tied some flies

We had a lot of sleet yesterday and last night , I did get out yesterday before it all started ,but didn’t take the camera. I got up insulation sheathing on the north side of the green house with the help of my lovely wife.  I will get out tomorrow and get some pictures of that.  Today I stayed inside and sat at the tying bench most of the day. The couple of times I went out it was cold . Since I retired from the Army I don’t have to go out when it is that cold….LOL… I don’t.

Here is what I did get done. I don’t know if it was because of the weather that I was feeling crabby, but that is what I tied for the most part. Actually I wanted to tie up some Red Fish flies. Wish to be at the coast throwing to tailing fish.

Here they are

IMG_0051IMG_0052IMG_0041IMG_0045IMG_0047IMG_0049IMG_0036IMG_0040 Needed a few Shrimp also.  Well that’s How I killed a day that is to cold to do anything else.


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