Construction Has Begun

Well this is taking longer than I thought it would. The weather is partly to blame. I was all set to start yesterday , had my help all lined up and everything. Then when I woke to sound of the emergency broad cast siren on my phone, I new it was not going to be good.We were under a tornado and flash flood warnings for most of the day. I live here in North Carolina and we ,along with most of the East Coast, had some strong thunder storms blow through. I did get out and unpack the frame components. I laid out a big tarp and spread the parts out in numerical order. That way it would be easy to find the pieces as the plans called for them.  This was about 0730 and it was starting to get dark and the wind began to pick up . So I folded half the tarp over the parts and went back inside. Sent a text to  my helper and told him that I was making a weather call . He told me that he could help me again  on Thursday. Well all it did was a few sprinkles then it cleared up , so I went back out and got a start. I got the base frame assembled. Then the rain did come , didn’t last to long  but really poured for a bit.  So I decided to try again today. I had to go get some self drilling screws to attach the base to the foundation that I had built. This morning it was misty and cool , well that really did a number on my back and neck. So decided to wait to see if I felt any better after using my traction machines for a bit. I finally got back out there after lunch.  

I did get the corner posts up and the Bracing for them.

Lastly I put the front and side top rails together. That is all I could do by my self .

Will get back to it tomorrow when I have help lifting and hold the top beams in place .  So sending my Bud a text and we’ll hit it again in the morning.


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