Green House Build Part Two

Got a load of landscaping blocks and some more cinder blocks. It is too wet to try to tamp and set the block in place but I did get them unloaded then moved around to the back yard. Man this used to be a lot easier 20 years ago.  Four wheel barrow loads later, I was pretty well beat. It has been raining here off and on for awhile now. I heard yesterday that North Carolina is the soggiest state this year. It seems like the whole country is in a drought and we are wet, very wet indeed. I know I should be happy there are several states that love to have this rain. But my yard is growing so fast that it almost needs to be cut every three  days. Any way I will have to let the ground dry out some before I can much more.

Here are some pics I took today,and some visitors to my yard.

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2 responses to “Green House Build Part Two

  1. Great pictures…love the little green tree frog!

  2. Ewwww horned tomato worms! I thankfully haven’t seen any yet… Cut them up and feed them to the fish. They will LOVE it! Mine do.

    Good work. Keep it up.

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