We Have Frogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a little while since I have posted here. Sent the last week in Va taking  care of some family business. I guess when I was making my final check before we left, I must have knocked the the plug loose. When we came back the pump was not running. I just about freaked , the Peppers and the okra all looked wilted. But the fish looked like they were doing ok. I figured out what the problem was and plugged the pump back in.

Well everything came back after I got the water running again. Some of the okra didn’t make it, but the peppers look great. It did rain a couple of times while we were gone so that helped.

We did come back to quite a bit a vegetables.

We also came back to frogs . It seems that our tadpoles have transformed into tiny frogs.

Here you can see the peppers , they are doing great. I have already started harvesting from my Yellow Cayenne , but you can also see the Serrano and Sweet Bananas are putting fruit on too.

The rest of the garden is looking very good too.

What would any photo shoot be with out some pictures of my furry girls.

That’s them Belle and Roxie, they keep an eye on me.


One response to “We Have Frogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. You’re a frog, I’m a frog, kiss me
    And i’ll turn into a prince suddendly.

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