First Fruit of the AP System

Went out today and while feeding the fish I noticed that there was a pepper hanging on one of the Cayenne Pepper plants. So after further investigation I found a few smaller and several blooms on most of the peppers.

I got a few shots of the fish also. I do believe that some of them are full of eggs and ready to pop. Look at the chubby one with the fancy white tail. I think there are a couple more also. The one with the black spot on his head the wife has dubbed Elvis , says he has the pompadour hair.

Tomorrow going to get the Green house, have decided to gt the smaller one also the 6 Ft. x 8 Ft. Greenhouse. Going to use that for our garden shed. Wont be putting the large one up until this fall. As I mentioned in an earlier post it will go where the dirt garden is now, so will wait till it is done or end of Sept. Want to have it up in time to start seeds for small ornamental peppers that I hope to sell at the Farmers market next spring. Will also be putting the new AP system in it, using split 55 gal pickle barrels for the grow beds, uncut for the flood tanks, and an IBC for the fish tank. Have a couple of ideas for keeping the water warm through out the winter, that I will be trying, also have a plan for a solar heater to keep the green house toasty, or at least above 50 degrees F.So stay tuned to see how that goes.


2 responses to “First Fruit of the AP System

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