World Wide 5K on the Cape Fear River Trail

Just got back from walking the 5K . That was fun and we have decided to start walking a lot more. Here are a few of the pictures we took on the walk. 

At the Start of the trail.

Here I am at the start of the Trail. It is a really nice place to walk , run or bike.

Along they way

It is right in the middle of the ever growing Fayetteville. But while your on it you don’t hear the traffic, or see a lot of buildings.

A 700 ft board walk that goes through a wet land.

It is very clean also not a lot of trash . We saw several people walking , power walking, running , running pushing a baby stroller, running pushing a double baby stroller, and lots of biker.

Blue Tailed Skink seen from the trail

There is quite a bit to see, we saw numerous butter flies, a snake in the marsh, birds and this Lizard. There were about 5 or 6 when we first saw them . They must live in that rotting log.

Finish line................. we made it ............LOL

And here we are at the end . No worse for wear.

The Finish line. We a had a great time. it is so nice to have a place where you can get out into nature so close to us. It is open from 0800 to dusk 365 day a year. We are planning on do this a lot more.

Here is a link to the album that I posted all of the pictures in.  There are a lot more than here. 

2 responses to “World Wide 5K on the Cape Fear River Trail

  1. Nicely done and congrats! Once we get ourselves moving it’s hard to stop. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Jennifer, we had a good time and will be out there more often now.

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