Worldwide WP 5k

I have talked my wife into do this with me . We will most likely be walking this since neither of us has run in a long time. We plan to go to one of our local parks here in Fayetteville. They have a trail there called the Cape Fear River trail , that is where we will walk We might even go over to the Botanical gardens and walk there too. Will post pictures of us walking , start ,and finish.  This is pretty awesome , when you think about it. A world wide

This is a brochure about the park.        CFRTBRO We are going to start at Clark park and walk to Evans Creek Bridge and back to the park. That will be a little over 3.4 miles. Then we will see how we feel and decide if we want to go back to the botanical Gardens or not. I know its pretty bad worry about a three mile stroll but it has been awhile since I left the Army and no I did not continue running when I got out.  Maybe this will be the start of getting back in shape ….we’ll see.


6 responses to “Worldwide WP 5k

  1. Great! Can’t wait to see what your route looks like! 🙂

    • I will post pictures as soon as we get back, are you doing the 5 K also? Would love to see your route in Italy.

      • Great re: pictures. I’m doing the 5k for sure (I’ve actually ran a few times this week already but saving up the actual one for Sunday) but I won’t be in Italy, coincidentally, so it will be a new course 🙂

  2. The Cape Fear River trail sounds enticing, I can’t wait to see your photos. I ran my 5k earlier this week and posted some photos of the run. Have fun!

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