Finally It Is All Coming Together

   Well it has been a few days since I have posted here . I would like to say it is because I was so busy working on the system , but in fact it is because I was lazy. I have been working on my system though.  I ran into a few problems , that  hopefully (fingers crossed) I have them all fixed at this moment.  None were that complicated, most could have been avoided, with a little more planning on my part.  So with several trips back and forth to Lowes , I got it all together. 

   The Flood tank valve gave me some trouble. First I had the overflow tube set to high in the tank. When I filled it up with the hose it really started to distort and bulge. I thought it was going to rupture, so I emptied it and lowered the overflow tube . Next  I had to add some washers to the flapper chain , it would not close when the bottle empted.  The washers did the trick.  It is working fine now. 
    The next problem  I had to deal with was, the grow beds , they did not fill evenly. The outboard beds seemed to be filling about twice as fast as the inboard ones, and the ones in the middle were faster than the inner but slower than the outside ones. I solved this by adding a valve in front of the second and third grow tanks. By restricting the flow I was able to even out the fill rate. Thinking about it now a tube between each bed would have probably done the job., and I will probably do that also once I get the gravel .
   My Bell Siphon was working fine but I used 1 inch PVC for the stand pipe and had a coupling at the bottom. The 1 1/2 inch pipe I used for the Bell would not go over the coupling , leaving about 2 1/2 inches of water in the bottom that would not siphon. So I upped two a 2 inch pie for the Bell . Now it siphons almost all of the water out.
     Up until now all the fittings had been dry fitted. Today I glue most of them I did leave a few just dry fitted though. Since the drain on the flood tank goes through a hole in the pallet it sits on I left the connections to the T connector from the feed pipes to the grow beds  unglued. This is so that if I do need to remove the tank I would not have to cut the pipe and get a new Tee. I also left the stand pipe connected to the pump and the elbow at its top dry fitted . Basically some thinking as above . I have no leaks at any of the dry fit areas. I did have a leak at the bottom of the flood tank., the toilet valve was not fitting exactly right and I had a small constant drip. I pulled the tank and sealed the base of the valve on the inside and out, took care of the leak.
     Lastly , ok this wasn’t a problem just wanted it, I added some trailing ground cover plants to the front of the pallets that support the Flood tank. Had the pots, that are meant for railings, on hand so why not. It adds to the relaxation factor. 
I got my Fresh Water test kit in yesterday, I had ordered from Amazon. I tested the water yesterday and think it is doing well, haft to do some research on proper levels for gold fish. The PH read 7.6, Ammonia 1.0,Nitrites .25, and Nitrates 2.0, all but the PH is measured in parts per million. This morning I started thinking about the PH. reading, it is at the highest on the regular PH. test. The kit also came with a test for higher PH. When I tested that this morning it was at 7.8. This is a little high for gold fish , this is what I have to research.

2 responses to “Finally It Is All Coming Together

  1. Looking good Eddie, looks like I might have to come see your system when you get it finished. You have been a busy man!

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