Still Wearing a Plumbers Hat( not trying to offend any real plumbers..LOL)

        I have been having some trouble with the editor, pictures not lining up with the post about them. I will try doing this in my word processor then pasting to the post. We’ll see how it goes.
      Got busy to day with more plumbing. I mounted the toilet valve in the flood tank and piped it to the grow beds. Still have to drill the feeder tubes to each bed and cap them . I have laid out the fitting for the Bell Siphon, to see what else I will need . I am going to run the drain piping back under the pallets that the flood tank is on and have it come out on a down spout tray like a waterfall. Got to keep up the Aesthetics .  I will also pipe the over flow from each grow bed back to the same place. I actually have most of the fittings I need and thanks to a good neighbor I have a surplus of PVC pipe. I added another plant in the water, the first was a Water Lily and this one in a Mini Cattail. The gold fish seem to like them.
       Ok , I have a question for any out there who have gold fish , or maybe any fish. I have the spray bar in the back and it is putting out some heavy jets of water. There are half a dozen of the fish that every so often will get right up to where the water is spraying and swim into it and get blown across the pond, then swim right back and do it several more times. Then they will stop for a while and go at it again. It is almost as if they are playing. Looks like fun to me, but is it anything I should be worried about? Or is this a normal behavior for gold fish. I think I remember them doing this at the store as I was waiting for the attendant to get my fish for me. Anybody that has a idea about this I would love to hear it.
                                        Here are the pics from today: