DWeesigning the Plumbing

Laid the fittings out to visualize the set up. had a little help from my little Mexican friend.

Seating by the pond yesterday I did some planning for the plumbing of the system. think I have it down now , and what is really cool is I already have most of the parts.

Ok this one has my little Mexican buddy.

We also added 10 more fish so me have a total of nineteen ( one of the first 10 died right out of the bag) .

So the fish would have some
structure we added some old clay pots and a small zen temple thing.

Finished putting the pavers down and some plants around the pond. Makes a nice place to sit and relax . The sound of the aerator is great.

My wife Sharon did some decorating , honey comb rock from Texas ans as snail.                                                    

Here is my thinking chair complete with my plumbing visual aides.

Changed the aerator to a shorter one that came with a bait aerator system for a cooler. It has slits about a 1/2 in wide , instead of the holes that I had drilled in the first one. The new one spray in a fan pattern. This is the first one with the holes that spray like jets.

This is the new one, Not sure which one I will use they both seem to work pretty good.

As a parting shot here they are lined up eating the food and algae.


3 responses to “DWeesigning the Plumbing

  1. Looks good Eddie, wish I could talk the Wife into setting up an “Aquaponics Pond” setup. Looks like a nice place to relax.

  2. What is the plant you have in the pond?

  3. Hey Steve , It really is a great place to relax. I put a water lily in and then today I added a mini cattail. Hope I have enough sunlight there for them.

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