The Stocking of the Pond

Yes today we put fish in the pond. Yes I know a lot of people say to go with fish-less cycling of the system first, but since I still don’t have the grow beds filled with the gravel yet it is basically just a fish pond.  So we went and picked up 10 gold fish.  The water has been in the pond for a week or so and we have had several inches of rain so I think the tap water has been conditioned already. I constructed a biological filter around the the pump and made a aerator.

Here is the filter I constructed by placing the pump in a milk crate full of shredded  polypropylene rope.

Here I have secured the outlet of the pump with more PVC pipe zip tied to the sides of the milk crate.

Using a mesh laundry bag to act as a pump sock.

1/2 in PVC pipe drill 1/16 Th holes as aerator. 3/4 in Stand pipe( capped) until ready to plumb into flood tank.
Here the pavers placed in the front of the pond. 

The stand pipe can be seen here , will be cut to size when I plumb it into the flood tank. I am thinking that I will need to band the flood tank and probably the grow beds also. This is because they are constructed of thin wall plastic,and I am sure they will bulge. I think that I will use ratchet straps to do this.

And of course a quick view

of the onion and celery.

Still cool.


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