Frost Warning Tonight

They are calling for a frost warning tonight for the county so I have taken some preventive measures. Covered most of the plants moved some inside. I really don’t think it will happen, but better safe than sorry.

The tomatoes in their tent.

These are the herbs.

This is the eggplants covered with some weed block fabric. 

I covered the squash and the cucumbers milk bottles that I cut the bottoms on three sides. Also in the fore ground are the peppers under fabric.

These are Beets that are just coming up I  have them planted in a pot , I also have carrots planted in a couple of pots. The carrots are the short and sweet variety.

Something is eating my cumbers bad. I believe it might be the Gypsy Moth Caterpillars that are around right now. I am going to mix up some soap and hot sauce and spray every thing, hope that stops them.

Well I missed a couple of days on this blog. They were called because of rain. It rained Wednesday morning. I had intended to get some work done with the Aquaponics system. But It was pretty nasty and I don’ t do real well in damp cold. All those old injuries really put me down. So I hit the drugs and booze. Thursday wasn’t much better, although I did get over to Lowe’s and picked up some cinder blocks, and got the weed block put down around the pond. Today I got the pallets back in place, Of course this was just as it started raining again.

Here I have the tubs on the pallets. You can see that the that the pallet for the grow beds on the right  is angled toward the center and  the pallet on the left is mirroring it. My yard is sloped so I decided to have the grow beds slope toward the pond to help with the draining. Instead of going through all the work to get the ground level.

Here a shot of the truck at Lowe’s the other day when I brought the pallets to the house. Can you say Beverly Hillbillies….LOL

and of course to finish off the post I have a  shot of the amazing never-ending onions and celery.

I did get my pump in the mail today so all I am waiting on is the gravel and the fish. Talked to the place I will get the gravel delivered from today. To get an idea of the price , now I know what I need to save up. I am giving a lot of thought to putting Fat Head Minnows in the pond to be used as bait when we go Cat fishing. They are very prolific so should do well in the system and for bait.

Ok that is it for today, stay tuned I will eventually get a Aquaponics system up and running. Just have to space out the purchases.


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