Getting close to Having a Aquaponics System…..

It is actually starting to look like something now. Went over to our local fishing education center that I volunteer at. I was told they had some extra pallets that I could have if I wanted them. I picked up several to use as platforms for the system. Got a few more PVC items today also, now it is time to start putting it all together. Here I have it set in place, tomorrow I plan to start laying out the the pvc and dry fitting it together. Have to see if I have enough parts and pipe to plumb it all together.

Here is some of the piping I have collected. Still more used PVC  pipe behind my wood shed. But for now maybe we can get started with this.

I also picked up some cucumbers , eggplants, Thai and Purple Basil. Also if you have looked at the garden pics from last year on the other blog, you know that I cant have a garden without some Moss Rose , so I got some of that too.










Here is the Thai Basil I am starting from seed

Lastly as always here is the amazing onion and celery project.

Well that will be all for today , tomorrow start to fit pipe.


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