Fishing Today

Just a short entry today, got to go out on the Lake with my good friend Robert . We took his boat out to Harris lake and went chasing Crappies.  Kind of slow , fish are in the pre- spawn craziness and hard to locate fish that will eat. We did manage a few all be it small ones. Rob did land  a very nice Red Breasted Sunfish wish we had brought the fly rods and got into a mess of them that size.

I did say the Crappie were small right?   LOL

Here’s Rob with one of the little fellows. I told him to hold it out closer to the camera (makes the fish look bigger)LOL.

Here one of my cats a Channel Cat( notice holding it closer to the camera…makes it look bigger don’t it…LOL)

Here is Rob’s Bull Head Catfish,( see close to the camera,  he’s learning)  these are all caught on Crappie rods with 4&6 lb test..So really an interesting fight.

And not to forget the garden I went out after I got back home, most of the onions are poking through the weed guard. Also the Zucchini is sprouted up through the weed guard. Sorry about the crap picture , thought it was better than that when I took it.And to close with an up date on the never buy celery and onions again project.

Here is an update with a couple of Pics Rob took of the other fish I caught.

See makes it look a whole lot bigger, Yeah but there wasn’t anything making this next one look bigger.

It was just a very small Crappie the minnow was almost that big.

This was a little bull head Cat fish I caught , really thought that it was a bass the way he fought ,but no. I would have like some of those when I am after big cats , they love bull heads.


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