Onions Have Shown Up

The onions bulbs that i set out last week are starting to poke through the weed guard . I had to go around and check each slit in the fabric to check for a sprouting onion and direct it toward the light.

As you can see not much to look at but I am excited to see them come up. This is the first year that I have tried to grow onions under a weed guard. Usually I put them in rows in the tilled soil . I am real good about weeding for the first week or so and then it gets away from me and they are over taken. So hopefully this will let them grow to maturity unmolested .

More peeking through, I am sure this will look more impressive in a couple of days.  LOL …but I am excited now…

I also got the pond in yesterday. Will be getting some pavers or flagstone to go around it soon.

I haven’t looked at it this morning but it rained all night long and very heavy at times. So it very well may have filled up. Have to see when the sun come up.

Ok one last thing for now, it wouldn’t be right if ai didn’t so the progress of the onion and celery pots…..

Still go great ! Of to a tackle swap meet see what I can sell.


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