I am SO Out of Shape!!!!!!!!!!

It is really sad how out of shape that I have become. I really didn’t think that I was to bad off. I mean I am out side a lot. I fly fish and fly Fish from a Kayak. Sharon my wife , and I walk at the park and the Botanical Gardens. But when I started to dig this hole for the pond I really found out how out of shape I actual am. I mean it is not like it is that big a pond. Only 125 gallons, I have to dig it in about 2 1/2 feet deep , and once you get through the first 6 inches of top soil it is all sand here in North Carolina. So what s the big deal, I used to be able to dig a fighting position armpit deep in under and hour. Well I didn’t used to get the back ache that I do now, but still. Any way enough whining, I dug some more in the hole today , until my back made me stop. It just needs  some cleaning up the edges so should finish it tomorrow. No pictures because that would just be depressing for as long as it is taking.

On a lighter note I have some onions starting to poke through the weed guard. Not sign of the cukes or the squash yet , but they should be here any day now.

Ok I do have a picture or two almost forgot to get one of the celery and green onions I am sprouting. I think I could sit there and watch , and actually see them growing. so here they are.

Ok ,thankfully the Percocets and Beer are work so I will be able to sleep and hit it again in the morning.


2 responses to “I am SO Out of Shape!!!!!!!!!!

  1. You should try to make the pond above ground level.
    If we were be close to you, we would help you.
    See here:

    • It is already done for the most part, just a little trimming the sides now. I appreciate that yall would help if you could. This one is just temporary until I get the green house set up in the fall. will be using a IBC system then and it wont need to be in the ground ,I will leave a hole in the deck floor I put in the green house. It will be shaded and lower so the gravity return to it will work.

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