Broke My Wheel Barrow

I actually got started on my Aquaponics system today. I picked up a preformed pond at Home Depot yesterday. It was on sale and I thought that I would incorporate it into my system.  Well today I decided make it my fish tank for now. It is 125 gal pond, it will do to start with. Since it is my first attempt I will start smaller. Still going to use the 55 gallon drums cut in half for the grow beds and one for a flood tank.

After marking the rough out line of the pond I started to dig the hole for it. This was going well , or as well as my old Paratrooper back will allow.  But I just took it easy and took my time so it was nothing that a couple of Percocets and some wine later would not take care of . My plan was to remove the soil into my wheel barrow and then transfer it to a tarp until I decide what to do with it.  Well this was going well for a couple of loads , but then it happened. Yep the handle gave way , was not expecting that . It just about threw me on the ground.  So I guess it is off to the hardware store tomorrow to buy new handles for my barrow.

So much for making a neat pile to be dealt with later.

Earlier I went to try to find the barrel guy again. Found out I was going to the wrong house yesterday. But it didn’t matter. The place was posted , fenced ,locked gated , monitored by video camera, and dogged according to all the signs.  One sign even said “This is a residence not a place of business”…so I got the idea they didn’t want to be bothered. I talked with the guy that told me about it, and he says Well it’s be over a year since I have gotten any barrels from him maybe he doesn’t sell them anymore. He did say next time he is over there he would check for me.  So for now I will have to drive a bit and spend a little more on the barrels.

I saw a cool idea on Pentrest they called a tipsy plant tower. My lovely bride thought she would like that so I made one today.

That is a wrap for today, Thankfully the drugs and the wine are working, feeling no pain…lol


5 responses to “Broke My Wheel Barrow

  1. I look forward to seeing your aquaponics build. I like the garden posts!

  2. There are good opportunities for new wave gardener aquaponics.
    Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can be of any assistance. Aquaponics + Wine = Joy

  3. IntrovertlyBubbly

    Those pots…the tipsy plant tower. Super cool idea…I think I am gonna try…Probably would load with stones though and make part of aquaponics build…

    • That is a great idea , I hadn’t thought of that, but that would be pretty cool . Would also eliviate the problem I have with the pots drying out very fast.

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