Planning, Planning, Planning……

I have be en looking on the internet and in the Library and every where I can think of to help with a system plan. I have narrowed it down to a couple of designs. Nothing original here just coping what I have found.

This is my first plan …IBC setup normally with the addition of two more grow beds.

This is another design using  IBC for the fish tank , two 55 gal barrels cut in half for grow beds, and a 55 gal barrel for a sump.

System  saw on the Barrel- Ponics yahoo group.

I am leaning toward the last design but probaly start with only 4 grow barrels.  Hope to pick up the barrels today . Would like to get 6 barrels 4 for the Aquaponics system and 2 for rain barrels.  I have been tod theres a guy who sells these barrels for $4.00 ea, and gives discounts for buy more at one time. So hopefully the “I know a guy” will pan out.

Thats it for now, will post more latter. I will post up some of my soil garden that I have put in.


4 responses to “Planning, Planning, Planning……

  1. Good luck with the system!
    If you’re like me.. it’ll become addictive and you’ll want to expand your system 😉

    • Thanks , and I can see how it would be very addictive. I have already had many thoughts of expanding. Will be picking up a greenhouse Easter to house the system in. Looking forward to getting started.

  2. Good luck with the new system, and thanks for the feedback on my blog.

    It looks like you’re doing it right (and big) from the start.

    Are you a BYAP formum user? I’m there as BullwinkleII.

    This free PDF called “The IBC of aquaponics”, (put out by the backyardaquaponics people and the comunity) is worth a look if you havn’t already seen it. It’s a bit of an answer to all the dodgy “information” that’s for sale online.

    Also, just a comment on that last design… If you space the growbeds a bit, you can plant a stack more stuff. Unlike a conventional garden you can really cram stuff into a aquaponics growbed, because there is no fight for water, and there is plenty of nutrient to go round. The result is the corners and adges of growbeds become even more important than in a dirt garden.

    If you plant something like a cabbage, hard up against the corner, even though it’s a big plant, 75% of it can be hangng outside the growbed. If you put a bit of space between your grow beds, and then a bit more so you can still walk between them, you can massively increase the amount you can grow. This is especially the case in smaller grow beds (blue barrels and NFT tubes), but still applies to IBCs.

    I dont bother, because I grow only salad vegies in my little system, but it might be worth spacing some for bigger plants.

    Corners are also good to plant things like pumpkin, and then train it away from your growbed.

    Sorry, I get a bit excited about this stuff 🙂

    • Yes I am on BYAP I am New Wave Gardener there, I have scaled back my original plan for now. I hope to get a green house by the end of the summer then I will go with the IBC unit. Yes I have seen the pdf it is a great help. I know what it is like to get excited about this stuff , I do the same thing. am getting closer to starting made another trip to the Lowes store and picked up some pallets also . I am going to post it in the blog tonight.
      Thanks for the reply , will keep watching your bog, really cool idea you have going. Later

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