Getting Started and Met a new Friend

Got started yesterday, well sorta, after much research I do believe I am going to go with a IBC for the Fish Tank and the Grow Bed. Found a place to get them for $50 a piece. Just have to drive a ways ( in the Dually =( can you say gas hog) to pick it.  Still looking for a closer source. I have found 55 gallon White Barrels for $4 each. They had car was soap in them. Going to get some for rain barrels wondering if they would be ok in the Aquaponics system if I washed them out good? have to research that more. 

I also have laid out the area that I will put the IBC. Have it spray painted with the out line of a hoop house come winter time.

Going to have to do a little leveling here.  Just a basic out line to get an idea of how much space it will be taking up. This shows where the hoop house will be. In the back center will be the IBC Unit.

Here we have the foot print of the IBC Unit with the Grow Bed over hanging the back a couple  feet or so. I guess now I just need to get busy leveling this spot. I am thinking of using horse stall mats as the floor in the hoop house and under the IBC, they are a lot less than the pavers I was thinking of. Still thinking about gravel, since I need it for the grow bed. I am sure  can get a few cubic yards cheaper than buying bags at Lowes. and I may still put pavers under the IBC Unit on top of the horse stall mat
Rubber Horse Stall Matt 
I can get these at The Tractor Supply Company for a bout $35, think that might the option , with paversjust under the edge of the IBC . We’ll have to see this is a work in progress and every day I am finding more information. 

I was able to go and get a personal look at a system in operation today. Steve Stark a Aquaponics farmer in Cary NC, about a hour from me, invited me to come see his operation. I had been following his You Tube Videos that   chronicle his work. That was great . I really needed to see one in person to get a real feel for what I was thinking about. Steve was helpful and told me all about his set up while he showed it to me. That really helped me a lot.  Steve has some good You Tube videos on Aquaponics here is a link to them
This is a play list of all of them to date.
Well  that’s where I am  right now, looking for pumps and pricing the PVC piping.
 Until next time
Take Care

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